Experience and traditions
Commercial Event

From November 10 to 12, 2023, Gardens of the King, Ciego De Ávila. Cuba.

About the event

About the event

"This promotional event opens its doors to all those interested in the academic-professional exchange on the production and commercialization of therum, coffee, cigars and other derived and articulated products for productionnational."


Pullman Hotel, located in the exclusive Cayo Coco, Jardines de Rey destination.


From 10 to 12
November 2023

The House of Habano

An international franchise

The House of Habano Pullman, Cayo Coco

Tourist destination located in Jardines del Rey that offers its visitors the opportunity to experience three of the most representative products of theCuban culture: tobacco, rum and coffee. Since its foundation, this establishment it has become a reference place for lovers of Cuban cigarsand has earned a reputation for offering a wide variety of products from high quality as well as first-class customer service.

Impressive selection of products.

La Casa del Habano Pullman, Cayo Coco, has a cozy design and a variety of options for tourists, like a smoking room, a wine cellar and a cigar roller that demonstrates how to do itmakes tobacco. In short, La Casa del Pullman, Cayo Coco, is the perfect place to enjoyCuban culture in an environment exclusive and welcoming, with exceptional service and awide selection of high quality products.


Workshops that make up the event

Speaker 1

Workshop I


Speaker 2

Workshop II

In search of the perfect harmony: Rum, coffee and tobacco.

Taller III

Workshop III

Business Management in the commercialization of products.


General program for the event

This section includes the activities of the event and other relatedwith the same.

Hubert Hirthe

Official Inauguration of CARACOL 2023

Hotel Pullman Cayo Coco Nightclub.

Alejandrin Littel

Conference Dr.C. Elme Carballo Ramos

Business Management based on science and innovation with an emphasis onmarketing of tourism products.

Willow Trantow

Recorrido por las áreas expositivas, Hotel Pullman Cayo Coco

Willow Trantow

Creole lunch “Flamingo Beach”

Business Management based on science and innovation with an emphasis onmarketing of tourism products.

Hubert Hirthe

Conference Ms.C. Paula Hernández Mederos

Tobacco History, religion and tradition in Cuba.

Willow Trantow

Realization of workshops “I, II, III”

Specialized Conferences and presentation of good practices and experiences

Willow Trantow

Avilanian Night

Artistic show with elements of Rumba, Country Music, Antillean Dances and folkloric typical of Ciego de Ávila

Hubert Hirthe

Conference Rum

Rum Master

Brenden Legros

Realization of workshops I, II, III.

Specialized Conferences and presentation of good practices and experiences.

Jack Christiansen

Catamaran ride with tastings and pairings.

Alejandrin Littel

Special Night CARACOL 2023. by invitation

Humidor Auction, Twisting Skills Demonstration and Showartistic.

Hubert Hirthe

Excursion: Discovering aromas of Tobacco and Rum in Ciego de Ávila.

Visit to tobacco fields in Florence, Vigía-Falla rum factoryHubert Hirthe

Cole Emmerich

Lunch at La presa.

Florencia. (Palmares)

Hubert Hirthe

Conference Tobacco

Habanos SA Conference.

Brenden Legros

Workshops I, II, III.

Presentation of good practices and experiences at the Pullman Hotel.Selection of the best presented works.

Jack Christiansen

Official closing of CARACOL 2023

Plaza Hotel Pullman Cayo Coco and Launch of the 2024 Commercial Event.Dedicated to the souvenir and the craft


Gallery and information about the location of the event venue

Pullman Cayo Coco Hotel

Emblematic hotel located in the quiet and paradisiacal Cayo Coco, represents refinement and luxury on the island of Cuba. Overlooking a incredible stretch of beach and among a lush cluster of natural lagoons, this hotel is located in a strategic position that ensures maximumtranquility and enjoyment for its guests.

On the other hand, the environment of the Pullman Cayo Coco hotel is the epitome of peace and balance, which in turn reinforces the holiday concept of luxury and well-being. This place is ideal for those looking to enjoy of an unforgettable and exceptional environment, while they can also take advantage of the numerous activities and services offered by this exclusive hotel in Cuba.


Some close Hotels

Hotel Tryp Cayo Coco

Tryp Cayo Coco Hotel

3.2 km from Pullman

Hotel Mojito Cayo Coco

Mojito Cayo Coco Hotel

2.4 km from Pullman

Hotel Melia Cayo Coco

Melia Cayo Coco Hotel

2.1 km from Pullman



Products Exhibition

In parallel with the program, a "Associated Exhibition" of the products offered by the Caracol Company. Both national and foreign suppliers will have an exceptional opportunity to showcase your products and share your experiences withour shops.

We seek that each provider has the freedom to design the space that will be used in the exhibition, creating a unique and personalized environment. This initiative will allow suppliers to highlight their products and establish direct connections with event attendees.

Promote brands

The "Associated Exhibition" will be an integral part of the program, providing providers a platform to display their products and promote their brands. It will be a valuable opportunity to establish business relationshipsand generate interest in the products they offer.

Traditions and Pleasure

Discover the masterpiece that embodies history and pleasure

This fascinating creation is inspired by the legendary "La Junta" locomotive, the machine that began the exciting journey of the Cuban railway and which has been declared a national heritage due to its historical value.

"Tradition and Pleasure" goes beyond being a simple replica of this iconic locomotive, is an authentic homage to Cuban traditions. This magnificent work, approximately 1 meter long and 30 cm wide, it is a Humidor and a beverage dispenser, combining art with functionality.

"Tradition and Pleasure" has been awarded two prestigious awards, recognizing the skill and talent of the craftsmen behind this workExceptional. Jorge Luis Nogueira Monzón and Joel Nogueira Monzón, recognized members of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists (ACAA) and creatorsNationally prominent, they have given life to this unique piece.

In addition, this impressive Humidor has a selection of 30 cigars from world-renowned vitolas and brands, as well as a bottle of Ron HavanaClub 7 years, to provide a complete and exclusive experience.

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